TCPA Mission


The Trinity College Preparatory Academy or TCPA is a program provided at Trinity UCC.  This is a monthly gathering of high school and middle school students from York and surrounding communities.  The goals of the Trinity College Preparatory Academy, or TCPA, are to prepare kids for college and to assist in the process of preparing for college, through a series of 12 workshops.  Workshops will be conducted one Saturday of the month for one year.  Guest workshop leaders and lecturers will focus on a wide range of topics to include but not limited to; the application process, getting financial aid for college, selecting the right college for kids and their parents, navigating the culture of college, SAT Prep, and other concerns related to the college application and admission process.  The Trinity College Preparatory Academy will sponsor no less than three to four college campus visits annually.  Workshop leaders and lectures will be solicited to volunteer training sessions for the Trinity College Preparatory Academy.  Monthly advertising will be conducted through social media, local media outlets, church mailing, and invitations. – Dr. Larry Covin, Jr.


The gospel of Jesus compels those practicing the Christian faith to live a life that is meaningful, fulfilling, abundant and self-actualized.  Each year, poverty deprives thousands of young people of realizing the American Dream of living dignified lives independent of governmental assistance.  Research and empirical studies have demonstrated that education is the primary vehicle through which most people escape poverty, drug and alcohol addiction and prison. Thus, through the mission of education, the church fulfills the calling and work of Jesus the Christ to empower people to live the abundant life.