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Trinity seeks to be a diverse, dynamic, spirit-filled congregation, connected to each other and the community.  We welcome everyone and encourage all to join us on Sunday mornings.


For membership just fill out the following information.



Trinity United Church of Christ



REQUEST FOR MEMBERSHIP                       DATE ____________________


I hereby make application for membership at Trinity United Church of Christ.


NAME __________________________________________________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________

CITY,ST. ZIP _____________________________________________

HOME PHONE ___________________________________________


I believe Christ to be the Son of God, and the Savior of the world. I promise to follow Him as my Lord and Savior. I am resolved, with God’ help, to serve Him; to keep His commandments; to become a maturing, useful member of His Church; to attend its services; to give generously of my material possessions for the furthering of its program at home and abroad; to take, as far as possible, an active part in its work; to be faithful in my attendance upon the Lord’s Supper; and, unselfishly, I will seek to make His will effective in my community and in the world.


SIGNATURE: ________________________________


Have you been baptized? _____ Yes, Date __________                  _____ No

Are you uniting by:

_____ Confession of Faith           _____ Reaffirmation of Faith

_____ Membership Transfer _____ Reinstatement of Membership


If you are uniting by Membership Transfer, please provide the name an address of the church with which you were associated.


CHURCH NAME __________________________________________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________

CITY/ST/ZIP _____________________________________________


If married, please provide the name of your spouse: _______________


Upon completion, please email or send to the church at:

Trinity UCC

32 West Market Street

York, PA. 17401



 Someone from Trinity Church will contact you.